Test activity

Design-Test Centre carries on testing complete machines as well as their units in the range of:

  • testing loads and assessment of fatigue life of mechanisms and the supporting structures,
  • testing power units and power transmission systems,
  • testing of hydraulic systems,
  • testing complete machines,
  • testing machine ergonomics,
  • testing noise level at work-place as well as the noise emitted by machine and devices into environment,
  • extensometric testing of the cranes, construction machinery and vehicles,
  • testing stability of cranes and construction machinery,
  • testing lateral stability,
  • testing operator protective structures in construction machinery,
  • quick fatigue testing,
  • testing bank vehicles and other vehicles adapted to transport of money,
  • homologous testing,
  • registration and check testing of vehicles,
  • testing sport equipment, playground equipment and the sport surfaces.

The centre is equipped with the following sets of apparatus and test stands:

1. Basic sets of testing apparatus

  • set for measurement of loudness and vibrations,
  • set for multipoint measurements of stresses,
  • set for measurements of dynamic mechanical parameters,
  • set of multichannel magnetic recorders
  • set for road measurements,
  • set for measurements of force, torque, pressure,
  • set for measurements of fuel consumption,
  • set for measurement of Diesel engine fuming,
  • set for ergonomic measurements,
  • set for diagnostics of truck chassis,
  • set for measurements of flow and pressure.

2. Test stands

  • Stands for testing power units and power transmission systems,
  • Stands for testing hydraulic units,
  • Stands for testing strength of complete machines and construction,
  • Stand for testing lateral stability of machines and vehicles,
  • Stand for diagnostics of mobile chassis,
  • Stand for testing noise,
  • Stand for quick fatigue testing,
  • Stand for registration and check testing of vehicles