Technical Plant

Technical Plant carries on activity in the range of:

  1.  Manufacturing and repairing mobile cranes
  2. Manufacturing and repairing access platforms;
  3. Manufacturing and repairing working machines;
  4. Mounting cranes on truck carriers;
  5. Manufacturing 60-path electric rotating joints;
  6. Manufacturing 17-path hydraulic rotating joints;
  7. Manufacturing rail travelling systems for vehicles;
  8. Manufacturing spatial steel structures constructions including those requiring acceptation by the Polish Office of Technical Inspection;
  9. Machining;
  10. Welding;
  11. Heat and thermochemical treatment;
  12. Hand processing and assembly works.

The Plant has universal technical equipment enabling to manufacture products of various structure, size, mass, quantity and operational parts - from semi-finished products to complete machines, fulfilling the customers' individual requirements.

The basic technological processes during manufacturing are:

  • machining,
  • welding processes,
  • heat and thermochemical treatment,
  • hand treatment and assembly works.


The Plant has universal machine tools enabling making different kinds of machining including:

  • machining elements like sleeve, cylinder, roll, gear wheel etc. on universal machine tools;
  • machining cast and welded bodies as well as spatial structures;
  • drilling openings including usage a jig borer;
  • grinding rolls, planes, openings.

Chip Machining includes:

  • boring processing of max. overall dimensions - 1500x12000mm; 1800x2500mm;
  • grinding planes up to 1000mm long and up to 300 mm wide;
  • grinding rolls of diameter up to 360 mm and length up to 1500 mm, mass up to 300kg;
  • teeth-cutting in gear wheels of module 1 – 8 mm, height of teeth - 200 mm, diameter - 800 mm;
  • turnery-cutting processing including:
  • turning to a length up to 5 000 mm, max. diameter of rolling - 1 380 mm and length up to 400mm,

Welding processes

The basic method in welding processes is welding with semi-automatic tools in gas protective atmosphere using MIG and MAG methods.
We mainly make welding higher-strength and high- strength steel.
We have the authorization of the Polish Office of Technical Inspection and the Polish Military Technical Inspection authorizing us to manufacturing and repairing elements of lifting devices, cranes and movable access platforms.
We employ welders having welding authorizations according to EN 287.1

Heat treatment

Heat treatment includes:

  • volumetric heat treatment of elements of all types of steel - mass up to 400 kg and dimensions - max. 600x900 mm (in gas protective atmosphere);
  • thermochemical treatment in the range of carburizing, cyaniding and nitriding;
  • heat treatment of non-ferrous metals (solutioning and ageing)
  • heat treatment of rapid tool steel.

Hand processing and assembly works

Hand processing and assembly works include:

  • cutting with guillotine - the thickness of cutting - up to 13 mm and the length of cutting - up to 3000 mm,
  • hand cutting with plasma - thickness up to 45 mm,
  • hand and semi-automatic cutting with oxygen - thickness up to 3000mm,
  • bending – thickness up to 10 mm and length - up to 3000 mm,
  • assembly of hydraulic and control units,
  • assembly of mobile cranes on various types of truck vehicles,
  • repairs of mobile cranes,
  • manufacturing of non-typical devices,
  • manufacturing supporting structures intended for special devices.

The Institute has design-research departments, which makes it possible to:

  • elaborate necessary documentations,
  • perform functional, strength, durability and stability tests
  • perform homologous tests of vehicles,
  • tests for admitting modified vehicles to operation in Poland and abroad.