Special Vehicle MONTRAKS


Special access platform MONTRAKS is designed for repairing and servicing the tram overhead wire system.
The vehicle is equipped with a movable platform which can rotate nx360°. The boom on which it is mounted can turn 90° to both sides of the vehicle. The platform can be mounted on a telescopic jib, which enlarges its radius. It is fixed on insulators. Steering the movements of the boom and the platform is performed from a driver cabin and remote control can be applied as well.
The vehicle can move along tram tracks. The rail bogies have hydrostatical drive. It is possible for the vehicle to travel with persons on the platform. The vehicle is equipped with tool boxes which are situated on both sides of it.

Chassis (type)
STAR 15.220 LE
Engine nominal power
162 kW
Complete vehicle mass
9720 kg
Permissible total mass
15000 kg
Maximum transport speed on tyre wheels
85 km/h
Maximum travel speed on rails
~ 20 km/h
Maximum travel speed with raised platform
Drive of working mechanisms and the drive of rail bogies
Supply of the platform movements
Lifting capacity
450 lub 600 kg
Side radius of the platform
Lift height of the platform