Designing offer

The Institute carries on design-development works in the field of construction machinery and their drive units and also other special mechanical products intended for various application including defence industry.

Main groups of products designed in the Institute are:

  1. mobile cranes of different types of 10-120 t lifting capacity, including all-terrain cranes,
  2. means of technological and internal transport with mechanical, hydrostatical and hydrokinetic drives,
  3. loading devices,
  4. masts and aerials for radiolocation.

In above-mentioned subjects the Institute specializes in designing:

  1. mobile chassis of machines, including those for mobile cranes,
  2. crane superstructures,
  3. telescopic and lattice booms,
  4. other metal sheet and lattice supporting structures,
  5. special test stands,
  6. suspension of chassis, including hydraulic-pneumatic types,
  7. vehicles steering systems,
  8. crane mechanisms, including:
  9. lifting mechanisms,
  10. rotation mechanisms,
  11. hydraulic-electric rotating joints,
  12. hydraulic cylinder and steering systems and their elements (cylinders, valves, joints etc.),
  13. electric and electronic systems of machines.

Designs of the Institute take into account the international requirements included in:

  1. ISO and EN standards,
  2. UE Directives,
and also in regulations and standards being in force in the country of future user of a product (e.g. special manufacturing for works in low temperatures).