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Galeria PIMB
  • Certificates
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    The Institute carries on the policy assuring quality in all areas of its activity and for many years it has worked in accordance with the requirements of international standards and other standardization documents regarding quality management and quality assurance.

  • Testing vehicle stability
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    The stand is intended for:
    - testing stability of fork trucks, loaders and vehicles,
    - functional testing the machines at maximum permissible angle of inclination,
    - determining the height of centre of gravity. 

  • Offer for municipal transport
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    The Institute elaborated a family of machines facilitating efficient removing the results of damages as well as performing maintenance and repair works regarding tram overhead wire system. The Institute designed and manufactured special cranes enabling efficient removing the results of tram damages and breakdown, assembling and disassembling track sections, towing rail vehicles along tracks, performing rescue works on roads and also loading and assembling works.