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The Institute carries on research-scientific works and implementation of construction equipment, lifting-transporting devices and mechanical devices for a country’s defences, including:

- scientific research and development works;
- homologous testing of vehicles over 3,5 t;
- testing vehicles adapted to transport dangerous materials (ADR);
- testing bank vehicles and other vehicles adapted to transport of money;
- special designing;
- technical testing and analyses;
- certification of machines and their units;
- general activity in the field of standardization and industrial property law;
- out-of-school education;
- aiding the education;
- manufacturing metal structures and their components;
- metalworking and coating the metals;
- metal component mechanical working;
- manufacturing mining machinery and machinery for building industry;
- manufacturing equipment and accessories for hydraulic and pneumatic drives
- manufacturing lifting and gripping devices
- manufacturing bearings, gear wheels, gear transmissions and driving elements
- manufacturing mechanical tools;
- repairing and maintenance of machinery and transport equipment;
- installing industrial machinery, equipment and accessories;
- manufacturing weapon and ammunition;
- manufacturing military combat vehicle;
- manufacturing automotive vehicles including those intended for goods transporting;
- manufacturing bodies for motor vehicles;
- manufacturing trailers and semitrailers;
- repairing and maintenance of automotive vehicles;
- hire and lease of construction equipment and devices.