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Testing of hydraulic units and systems are performed in the range of:

  • testing complete hydraulic systems
  • testing winches of lifting systems in lifting machines (cranes, lifts, pipelayers etc.)
  • testing valves and hydraulic distributors,
  • testing pumps and the hydraulic engines,
  • testing leakproofness of complete hydraulic systems and a separate components,
  • durability tests of components of hydraulic systems,
  • modelling hydraulic power transmission and control systems,
  • measurements of characteristics,
  • adjustments



The following stands are used during tests:


  • stand for testing distributors and hydraulic valves,
  • stand for testing pumps and hydraulic engines,
  • stand for testing hydraulic cylinders of stroke up to 8m,
  • stand for testing winches,
  • tower for testing winches,
  • climatic chamber for testing elements of small dimensions.


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