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Crane is designed for removing the results of damage, tram cars collisions and accidents. There is a possibility of lifting a tram at the front of it ("lifting by a nose”) as well as at the central sections of it (using handles inside or outside of the sections). It has two-axle all-terrain chassis, which improves its traction possibilities. It can be additionally equipped with bogies for towing the tram. The crane has got rail bogies for traveling along tram tracks with a hydrostatic drive or a drive from rear wheels of the truck. Optional, the crane is equipped with hook block or cross-bar fixed to additional boom. The lowest height of overhead wire system enabling for crane to work is- 4,2 m.

Chassis (type)
MAN TGM 18.240
Engine nominal power
176 kW
Complete vehicle mass
17000 kg
Permissible total mass
18000 kg
Maximum transport speed on tyre wheels
85 km/h
The maximum travel speed on rails
~ 20 km/h
Drive of working mechanisms and the rail bogies
Max. crane lifting capacity at radius 5,4 m
Load moment
Max. crane side radius
7,8 m




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