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  • Transport purposes  ( 1 items )

    The Institute elaborated a family of machines which facilitate efficient removing the results of breakdown and damages as well as carrying on maintenance and repair works regarding tram overhead wire system and repairing railway subgrades and transport the reels with wires.

  • Designing  ( 1 items )

    The Institute carries on design-development works in the field of construction machinery and their drive units and also other special mechanical products intended for various applications including defence industry.

  • Manufacturing  ( 1 items )

    The Institute has got universal technical equipment enabling to manufacture products of various structure, size, mass, quantity and operational parts from semi-finished products to complete machines, fulfilling the customers' individual requirements.

  • Testing  ( 15 items )

    Institute offers testing complete machines as well as their units in the range of:

    • testing loadings and assessment of fatigue life of mechanisms and supporting structures,
    • testing power units and power transmission systems,
    • testing hydraulic systems,
    • testing complete machines,
    • testing machine ergonomics,
    • testing the level of a noise at work-place as well as the level of a noise emitted by machines and device in environment,
    • extensometric testing of crane, construction machinery and vehicles,
    • testing crane and construction machinery stability,
    • testing lateral stability,
    • testing protecting structures in earth-moving machinery,
    • quick fatigue testing,
    • testing bank vehicles and vehicles adapted to transport of money,
    • homologous testing,
    • registration and check testing of vehicles,
    • testing sport equipment, playground equipment and the sport surfaces.

  • Certification of machines and the devices  ( 1 items )

    The Institute Certification Centre has got the accreditation of the Polish Centre of Accreditation (PCA) of No. AC 061 regarding product conformity certification.

  • Publishing  ( 1 items )

    The Institute fulfilling the mission of propagation of the scientific and technical achievements has prepared and published some publications as a separate books. The books contain the knowledge of Institute workers developed during realization the tasks. Exact reference to practical uses is a value of our publications. Presented solutions have been checked many times.
    To order the Institute publications you can use mail, phone ( +48 22 786 18 23), fax (+48 22 786 18 30 ) or e-mail (dsn@pimb.com.pl) or you can buy at the Institute itself as well.