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Scientific activity in Scientific Centre includes two main topics of research works:

  1. Dimensioning supporting structures of working machinery:
  • Elaborating the methods for designing aid in the range of strength and durability of supporting structures of working machinery.
    It covers frames of chassis and superstructures of machines, telescopic and lattice booms, the rotating columns and the heads, boom and scissior lifts, working equipments, hydraulic cylinders, ROPS and others. The calculation methods are adapted to requirements of European directive on machinery and harmonized standards.
  • The development and implementation of the methodology of non-linear analysis of strength, load capacity and forms of destruction of machine structure. There is a possibility of taking into account large dislocations, large deformations, loss of stability, contact phenomena as well as material yielding.
    The finite element method is used in the calculations. Systems MSC PATRAN / NASTRAN as well as ADINA are applied.

Symulacja obciążenia ramy żurawia TRAM

2. Energetic analysis and the designing the hybrid drive systems of working machines

  • Hybriddrives, well-known and applied in car industry, can also be applied in working machines and special vehicles, especially in those intended for municipal transport, where the requirements of environment protection in the range of noise and fume emission are particularly essential. Hybrid drive, of parallel structure with adding up combustion engine power and electric engine supplied from electrochemical battery, characterizes with higher energetic efficiency and is more friendly for environment

    Schemat napędu hybrydowego

    • Institute carries on developing-research work in the range of designing hybrid drive of working mechanisms such as lift, rotation or luffing hydraulic systems which are met in majority of working machines. The works include computer modelling and analysis of different types of hybrid drives. Obtained results are verified at test stands.

    • Example of this type of activity is a research project (grant) performed under Dr Janusz Krasucki’s supervision "Establishing the method for designing the ecological electromechanical drives for special vehicles and working machines for municipal usage".